beli buku baru ! – Great by 24

mggu lepas..aku beli sebijik buku secara online..yerla..ingt murah..tapi lepas tambah kos pos..agak same jerla..bile2 smpai2..tgk2 buku ni nipis je..igt tebal sgt..hohoho..tapi utk post kali ni aku tak ulasla buku ni..just copy n paste..dan aku dah berjaye abehkan bace lebih dari halflah buku nih..yea yea !!!

Title: Great by 24

great by 24

Proven strategies to achieving entrepreneurial success – before the age of 25!

About The Author:
RM20 and a good idea were all it took to get John Lee started on his journey towards entrepreneurial success. Today, at the age of 24, he is the CEO of Epsilon Translation, one of Malaysia’s leading international translation companies, with offices in Europe, The United States, and Japan. When not overseeing his perpetually expanding company, John spends his time lecturing and motivating budding entrepreneurs to help them identify their own business goals.

Order info

Payment method: Credit Card via NBePay (Pay using Visa & Mastercard)
Shipping: Pos Express – Pos Malaysia
Subtotal: RM13.14
Shipping cost: RM4.00
Including discount: RM8.76
Total: RM17.14

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